The Prayers of Both Could Not Be Answered
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the premier of NMAR's Digital Exhibit
Enjoy the Museum of America Religions first story in our Digital Exhibit: Religious Ideas During Times of National Crisis. The Prayers of Both Could Not be Answered premiered on June 24, 2022.  Enjoy this On-Demand Digital Exhibit that explores how Lincoln's religion impacted America at a pivotal turning point in our history.
Lincoln's Religion in His Second Inaugural
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The video program The Prayers of Both Could Not Be Answered: Abraham Lincoln's Religion in the Second Inaugural will be released online on June 24, and is the first in a series of digital exhibits that explore American religious thought during times of national crisis.
This presentation of President Lincoln's religious thoughts about God, slavery, war, and American purpose during a time of national crisis is both timely and relevant as we wrestle with times of crisis in present day.
The following scholars explore what Lincoln's words reveal about his religious views during the crucible of the Civil War and how citizens engaged with those ideas:
Ed Larson, Hugh and Hazel Darling Chair in Law and University Professor of History at Pepperdine University, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in History
Ron White, Senior Fellow at the Trinity Forum, author of A. Lincoln: A Biography
Rosetta Ross, Professor of Religion at Spelman College
Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University
Derek Hicks, Associate Professor of Religion and Culture at Wake Forest University
We have partnered with five well-respected academic centers to co-sponsor the program:

o  Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture (IUPUI)
o  Center for Research, Engagement and Collaboration in African American Life (Wake Forest)
o  Wheatley Institution (BYU)
o  The Betsey Stockton Center for Black Church Studies (Princeton)
o  Freedom Forum
With Special Appearance
by Dr. Condoleezza Rice
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The Prayers of Both Could Not Be Answered
Lincoln's Religion in His
Second Inaugural
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